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1. Singularity Acceleration Paper link - This section is the equivalent of the published paper. This first link has the complete academic paper with sub links to each part:

Abstract (short version)

Abstract (American Physical Society version)

Abstract (long version)

Highlights (short version)

Highlights (long version)


Manuscript, The main body of the paper 24 pages

Conclusions about Natural Law Governing Universe Formation



2. The second link group has direct links to the nine universe formation axioms.

Axiom 1 - All Complex Processes Result From Multi Step Sequences Often Referred To As Trial and Error.

Axiom 2 - All Significant Components Of The Universe Are Critical To Universe Formation.

Axiom 3 - Gravity and Black Holes Singularities Are Unique In Their Energy Storing Ability

Axiom 4 - Potential Space and Time Are Infinite

Axiom 5 - Simultaneous universe expansion and galaxy cluster consolidation are essential to making more universes

Axiom 6 - Dominant Supermassive Black Hole Singularities Can Bend Space at the Speed of Light.

Axiom 7 - A big bang phase transition occurs when a singularity separates from its universe.

Axiom 8 - Cosmological Evolution - If It Is Possible For a Universe to Form It Will.

Axiom 9 - Every universe has a beginning and an end.


3 -9 Links have direct link to major parts of the paper with the appropriate axioms and some addition commentary.

Important Sequences That Occur With Universe Formation

Simultaneous Universe Expansion and Galaxy Cluster Consolidation Are Essential To Making More Universes

Critical Functions of Matter and Energy in the Formation of Universes

Warping Space - Dark energy accelerates the space warp of dominant supermassive black hole singularities to the speed of light.

Cosmological Evolution - The Theorized Descriptions, Rules, and Processes Governing Universe Formation

Micro Universes The Mother of All Universes

Tests to Confirm the Hypothesis

Rules and Criteria for Successful Universe Formation

Goals of the Universe Formation Project



10-12 These links provide background information such as:

How the hypothesis evolved

Short quotable quotes from the paper

Links of Interest

Implications and consequences for our understanding of universe formation if the hypothesis is valid

All Proposals Describing the Cause of the Big Bang Are Hypotheses or guesses

Why I developed the Singularity Acceleration Hypothesis

Scientist are sought for project collaboration and mathematical descriptions

Tips for Navigating the Universe Formation Website Site Index

User Instructions On How to Register For Before the Big Bang Forum or Blog

Implications and Consequences of Singularity Acceleration - Time, Information, and Unification


13 This link compares and contrasts scientifically based hypothesizes of universe formation

Why This Hypothesis Is the Most Credible Explanation of How Universes Form

Comparison Table of Hypothesized Universes Based On Scientific Principles

Descriptions of Scientifically Based Hypothesized Universes


14 The last link goes to the Forum - All civil comments are welcome.

Before the Big Bang - Plausible scientific explanations of the formation of universes


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