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Potential Space and Time Are Infinite

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1 November 2012


Axiom 4. Potential space and time are infinite

A. The potential space in which universes may form is infinite. Alternatively, this concept is expressed as the fact that new space is created with the formation of new universes and can never be exhausted by the formation of additional new universes.

Potential space or places where matter and energy could exist is infinite. The singularity acceleration hypothesis requires that potential space is infinite and posits that new space is regularly being created from nothing by newly formed universes. A new universe will always be able to form, as it creates its own space.


B. The potential time in which the process of universe creation could have functioned is infinite.

Time exists when there is some event. Potential time is infinite, and when the first event occurred, measurable time started. The formation and destruction of universes will continue indefinitely.

Time for each universe starts with its formation. Within its space and time, there is no recoverable record of the time previous to its formation.


C. Potential space is nothing. [18] Prior to a new universe forming, there is nothing; this is not to be confused with a vacuum. Vacuums occur in space that has dimensions and gravity and through which light can travel. In potential space there is no gravity, matter, light, energy, fabric of space, or dimensions, so there is no place in potential space from which an observer can look out and see universes or anything else. However, this Axiom does not rule out the possibility that the uncertainty principle applies in potential space.


D. The uncertainty principle is true everywhere. The uncertainly principle allows subatomic virtual particles with net zero energy to briefly pop in and out of existence. Quantum mechanics substantiates the uncertainty principle as it applies within our universe. The uncertainty principle is also assumed to function in empty space that is not part of a universe. [18]

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