Axiom 2

All Significant Components Of The Universe Are Critical To Universe Formation.

Singularity Acceleration Axioms and Principles Governing Universe Formation

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1 November 2012


Axiom 2. All significant forms of matter and energy and all significant processes and events are critical to the formation of universes.


A. Nothing in nature forms and survives very long, relative to its peers, with significant superfluous components. The most significant forces and other phenomena have critical functions in the formation of this universe and have the same critical functions in the formation of all past and future universes.


B. Everything in the universe is the cause or result of a critical function. Matter, energy, dark matter, and dark energy all have critical functions in the universe formation and existence. For example, galaxy clusters are held together by gravity from dark matter and matter.


C. The occurrence of inflation, when the very early universe appears to have expanded at a rate exceeding the speed of light, provides strong evidence that a phase transition occurred during the Big Bang phase of the universe formation when some physical laws did not apply. [14, 15] For example, during this phase transition, the universe-forming singularity became naked, and the gravitational bond of the singularity was disrupted and ended, causing it to explode as a big bang.


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